About Us

Marc Barasch, CEO. Prior to founding GWV, Marc started and ran the successful Green World Campaign (www.greenworld.org). There he has specialized in community-based agroforestry, perennial agriculture, and reforestation, helping to pioneer an award-winning holistic model of landscape restoration, poverty alleviation, food security, and climate change resilience. GWC worked in nine countries on three continents, now focusing in coastal Kenya, where it has planted 4 million biodiverse trees, introduced moringa cultivation and seed-oil ventures to many communities, and created 100 eco-schools programs. Marc has been involved in the natural products industry since the 1980s, when he edited Natural Health magazine and lived in Boulder, CO, the epicenter of the natural foods business. He is a cross-platform media expert who has created global environmental programming for Ted Turner et. al. His bestselling books on holistic medicine (Remarkable Recovery) and social well-being (The Compassionate Life) have made him a well-recognized global thought-leader. He recently convened a multi-stakeholder conference on regenerative strategies in San Francisco.

Chief Dave Amonu is GWV’s General Manager in Nigeria.  He is CEO and owner of DNA Farms, the largest cassava contract grower to the Imo ADP, accounting for 80% of all the cassava cuttings sold to Imo farmers during the launching of the cropping season each year. He is also president of the Nigerian Commercial Farmers Association (NCFA).  Chief Amonu is himself a large landowner, and connected to farmers’ organizations throughout the region, and a trained pharmacist.

Chidi Osuagwu (Nigeria) is Head of the Department of Biomedical Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, and heads a group of eleven scientists across Africa for the African Future Earth Committee (AFEC). He holds a BSc from Indiana University of Pennsylvania; an M.Sc. from Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio; and Ph. D. in biochemistry at the University of Port-Harcourt, Choba, Rivers State.

Chimdindu Osuagwu is an environmental impact assessment consultant whose most recent job was with the Federal Ministry of the Environment. Prior to that, he was for 20 years Brewmaster of Golden Guinea Breweries, Nigeria’s 4th largest brewery, in charge of planning and supervising manufacturing production and formulating successful new product lines.

Chinyere Anyile is CEO of PTech Engineering Ltd., a construction and farming engineering consultancy. He has extensive experience in design and management of f civil, infrastructure, geotechnical, environmental, structural and building projects. He has managed technical compliance, contractors, service delivery, sustainability, cost analysis/control, project monitoring and evaluation. He has worked as a senior engineer and construction manager with the Nigerian Water Board/Ministry of Public Utilities, designing and constructing large-scale rural water supply systems. He has an MBA from McGill University, and a BA in civil engineering from University of Nigeria.

Okechukwu Awogu is the managing director for the Aku-Ubi Cooperative Union in Imo State, Nigeria.  Is a highly experienced farmer having one of the larger pineapple and cassava holdings in southeast Nigeria.   He’s highly respected within the farming community there and has organize the youth in the region to farm pineapples.  He also has a Bachelor of Science in Government and Public Administration

Dr. Fr. Wence Madu is the Rector of Imo State Polytechnic, the state agriculture university for the State of Imo, Nigeria.   This position is the highest ranking in the university and equivalent to that of being the president.   He has long been affiliated with the team that created Aku-Ubi Cooperative Union, the farmers co-op in the region.  He collected an MS in Biochemistry from the Nigerian Agricultural University in Awka, an MS in Soil/Environmental Science  from Prairie View AMU  in the US,  and the PhD. In Biochemistry/Biotechnology from Abia State University in Nigeria.