Green World Ventures (GWV), a U.S.-based company, has inaugurated a “regenerative food industry” in SE Nigeria based on cultivation and processing of moringa oleifera. Moringa is a fast-growing (harvestable in 4-5 months) drought-tolerant tree whose dried leaves are a high-protein super-food rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

GWV is melding the power of a “big food” supply chain with smallholder eco-agriculture, processing moringa leaves into powder as a nutritional amendment for local food staples and for export. As an ingredients business, we are using innovative food science R&D to improve the nutritional value and flavor-notes of the product. Ancillary products like moringa seed oil and animal fodder will be added to a vertically integrated supply chain whose operations will eventually help to restore millions of hectares in Africa to ecologically balanced productivity—improving soil and landscapes, providing local food security and increased rural income; training people up the value chain; supporting community-based, biodiverse perennial agriculture; creating climate change resilience and mitigation.  A central goal is to bring commodity-level moringa leaf-derived protein to the global food industry.